What is HIMLOGIC ?

HIMLOGIC Consulting is a company dedicated to making strategic and innovative improvements in Health Information Management (HIM), Healthcare Administration, and Revenue Cycle Management in the Louisiana, Texas, and surrounding regions. 

  1. Mission Statement:

    •  To logically and strategically implement innovative HIM improvements in Louisiana, Texas, and surrounding regions.
  2. Focus Areas:

    • Centralized Focus: Health Information Management, Healthcare Administration, and Revenue Cycle Management.
  3. Expertise:

    • Team Composition: Comprising elite, analytical, and diverse Health Information Professionals.
    • Experience: Professionals have over 8+ years of experience.
  4. Capabilities:

    • Oversight: Overseeing qualitative and quantitative analysis management.
    • Performance: Monitoring and enhancing the performance of health information data.
    • Security: Ensuring the security of patient health information data.
    • Optimization: Optimizing quality healthcare care.
  5. Leadership Position:

    • Industry Leadership: Positioning itself as a leader in the HIM industry.

HIMLOGIC Consulting is well-equipped with experienced professionals to provide comprehensive services in the HIM sector. Their focus on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, along with a commitment to data security and healthcare optimization, indicates a intricate approach to health information management. The emphasis on innovation and strategic implementation aligns with the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. 

Focus areas include but are not limited to:
Coding, Discharge Not Billed (DNB), HIM Quality, EHR Implementation, Joint Commission preparedness methods, Practice Management, Patient Registration & Discharge - DNB Analysis - Chart Analysis & Quality Analysis, Deficiency Tracking - Coding Support - Release of Information (ROI) - HIM Auditing - Physician Credentialing - Billing - Insurance Pre-authorizations - Revenue Cycle - Healthcare Statistics - Healthcare Finance, Healthcare Budgeting and Reimbursement Principles - Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis - Training & Development - Risk Management - Process Improvement and Education.